Terms & Conditions

Patient Payments

In consideration for admitting the patient, the undersigned hereby assume(s) full responsibility for and agree(s) to pay all costs, charges, and expenses for the treatment at Sober Living Outpatient furnished to the aforementioned patient as they are defined in the above statements.   This is an original undertaking on the part of the undersigned, and the obligations of the undersigned hereunder are the direct and primary obligations of the undersigned to Sober Living Outpatient.  No extension, indulgences or forbearances which may be granted to the patient and no delays or lack of diligence of Sober Living Outpatient, in enforcing any rights against the patient shall in any manner release the undersigned or affect the undersigned’s liability herewith. The average length of stay for Sober Loving Outpatient patients is 18 weeks with some patients remaining longer depending on individual needs, medical necessity and response to treatment. Length of stay will be reviewed by the treatment team on an ongoing basis and is subject to change.

If you leave Against Medical Advice or discharge for non-compliance, any discounts will be null and void and full charges applied.  If any credits exist from your cash deposit, they will be applied first to any portions of services scholarshipped prior to any refunds.  

Partial Refunds:

There are no partial refunds available for individuals leaving before the end of the rental week and/or prior to the full term of the resident lease agreement. If a resident leaves our facility of their own decision all monies paid to Sober Living Outpatient will be forfeited. If a resident breaks the terms of their lease agreement including the House Rules, all monies paid to Sober Living Outpatient will be forfeited. Any refunds made will be credited within 30 days electronically to the card or bank account from which they originated. A Refund Notification will be forwarded to the email address that the Registered User (Payee) entered during registration. 

Acknowledgement & Acceptance of Terms:

All Internet transactions are final, and are not subject to reversal and/or cancellation. All Internet payment transactions are subject to a Convenience Fee equal to $20.00. This Convenience Fee is disclosed and included in the total payment amount prior to submission of your payment for approval. Note regarding "Save this information" and our "Express Checkout" feature: Sober Living Outpatient will not have access to this information. Your bank account and/or card data is encrypted prior to authorization. In exchange, the secure gateway returns a "token" to this payment system which can then be resubmitted with future payments in place of more sensitive information. End-to-End Encryption coupled with Tokenization ensures your data is secure.

By submitting your payment for authorization, you acknowledge acceptance of the terms & conditions as stated herein.